19. Let's Talk About Dating - Part 1
The Ghost PodcastMarch 27, 2022x
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19. Let's Talk About Dating - Part 1

The Ghost Podcast Stories Project

To wrap up Season 1, we are featuring a two-part series on dating. On part 1, Rosemary sits down with two previous show guests, Nicolas and Kay, to discuss dating today.

In this episode: Rosemary's recent ghost • Should you date multiple people at once? • Does height matter? Really, does it? • Signs of a serial killer/kidnapper • How options kill human decency • What does casual really mean? • Why do guys fall off at the six-week mark? • Alpha, beta, low effort, and high value • The average guy • Do guys care how successful a woman is? Or do men choose the easiest option? • Do high value women have less options? • Time myths • Red pill/black pill society and MGTOW • Positive male role models • Should you wait to have sex? • When should you walk away • Do men hunt for sex? • What does it mean to cook for someone? • Why we need a dating revolution and what is ethical dating • Why we need boundaries and cut off game • Why men are only as genuine as their options 

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