20. Let's Talk About Dating - Part 2
The Ghost PodcastApril 10, 2022x
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20. Let's Talk About Dating - Part 2

The Ghost Podcast Stories Project

To wrap up Season 1, we are featuring a two-part series on dating. On part 2, Rosemary discusses dating in the US vs. UK with a previous show guest.

In this episode: Is chemistry good or bad? • What are the boundaries on the first date • Can you go from hook up category to relationship material? • How to know if a guy is just looking for sex? • Why men lie on their profiles • Dating with children – should you disclose you have kids on your dating profile? • Should men approach women first? • Who should pay for the first drink? • Do people really ghost from fear? • Why you feel ashamed when you are ghosted • Do ghosters have empathy? • Sex ghosting • Men with area codes

-End the Ghosting Pandemic-