22. Not Your Person
The Ghost PodcastMay 01, 2022x
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22. Not Your Person

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Coping With Ghosting and The Ghost Podcast team up for another joint episode to answer all your ghosting questions.

In this episode: My wife is a narcissist, how do I live? • Ghosting in a marriage • Ghosting again after a second chance • Dysfunctional Moonwalk • Is ending a relationship abruptly still a ghost? • Acknowledge instead of accept • Can you see a ghost coming? • Dating post divorce • Why do people ghost when things are going well • Oxytocin, avoidants and ghosting • How to predict a ghost • Reasons to go slow • How to have compassion for your ghost • How long does it take to get over a ghost • Shame and anger post ghost

Podcast Hosts:

Coping with Ghosting
The Ghost Podcast

Resources mentioned on the episode:

Suicide Help Hotline
Erin Fisher at Atlantic Mediator Services
Maliya Coye, LCSW @maliyahcoyecounseling 

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