23. Biohazard
The Ghost PodcastMay 08, 2022x
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23. Biohazard

The Ghost Podcast Stories Project

On this episode we are talking about a type of ghosting you have probably never heard of or thought much about. 

The Bio•Clean Team is a bio-remediation company, which means they clean up crime scenes and other biohazard scenarios you probably don’t want to think about.

And ... they get ghosted all the time from clients and employees.

In this episode: Biohazard cleaning • People who ghost their job • How to prevent ghosting from clients and employees • How to recover from bill paying ghosting • How to have compassion but also get paid 

You can find Stacy and The Bio•Clean Team online here:

Website: https://www.thebiocleanteam.com/

-End the Ghosting Pandemic-