29. 333
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29. 333

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Are dating apps terrible, or are you just bad at dating? Haifa Barbari is a love strategist, author & founder of a self coaching app called Be What Matters, her work has been featured on BBC news, Grazia, Refinery29 and more. Haifa famously developed a dating strategy called 333 to help people navigate the roller coaster of dating apps, modern love and achieve dating success while taking care of your well-being at the same time. 333 dating strategy helps you confidently take control of your dating life and choose the best person for you. Her next launch will be a podcast called Love & Stardust with her astrologer bestie. Links to all below.

In this episode: Why you need a dating strategy • What dating apps are really for • How long you should spend on dating apps a day • Why you should do video dates • How to build a dating pipeline • Why you shouldn’t be negative on your dating profile • Do dating apps cater to the male gaze? • Why people really use dating apps • How to use the 333 dating strategy

Where to find Haifa

Website: https://www.haifabarbari.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehaifab/

Podcast: Love and Stardust Podcast

Newsweek article on the 333 strategy

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