17. A Ghosting Conversation with Jonathon Aslay
The Ghost PodcastFebruary 27, 2022x
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17. A Ghosting Conversation with Jonathon Aslay

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Author, podcaster and dating coach Jonathon Aslay sits down with us for an honest conversation about ghosting.

Jonathon is on a mission of encouraging both men and women to fully love themselves with a new book, “What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway?“—packed with fun, engaging spiritual and personal growth practices—and his dynamic Mid-Life Love Mastery mentorship program, that inspires hundreds of people daily, around the world.

In this episode: What is ghosting • The evolution of dating • How does modern dating contribute to ghosting acceptance • Self love • What to do if you’ve been ghosted • How to ghost proof yourself

You can find Jonathon online here -

Website: https://www.jonathonaslay.com/

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDOXs_34FF93o66Z-S0py1g

Podcast: https://www.jonathonaslay.com/category/podcast/

Instagram: @jonathonaslay

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