55. The Empath is the Narcissist
The Ghost PodcastMarch 31, 202400:33:4723.23 MB

55. The Empath is the Narcissist

Aasha T. is a Certified Emotional & Energetics Intelligence Facilitator and Keynote Speaker. She has been an entrepreneur & consultant for over 15 years and is a certified trauma Specialist as well as a few other healing modalities. She is the author of The Empath is the Narcissist.

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In this episode:

Unique lens on dynamics of pushing and pulling in relationships and who we attract • Emotional intelligence • Twin flame activation • Definition of a narcissist • Relationship between a narcissist and ghoster • The experience of energy • How we heal • How to spot a narcissist • When to walk away from a relationship • The power of energy

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