27. The Rise of Tinder – Why Dating Apps Want You Single
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27. The Rise of Tinder – Why Dating Apps Want You Single

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There are some who say that Tinder has caused the biggest shift in human behavior in recent history. In this episode, we discuss why dating apps are motivated to keep you single and swiping, and how online dating has normalized behaviors like ghosting.

In this episode: How Tinder has changed human behavior • The numbers behind Tinder • Are you addicted to dating apps? • How dating apps have evolved • Digital cowboys • Have we lost our ability to form human connections? • How the apps gets you hooked • Infinite choice conundrum • Rejection violence • Dating apps and mental health • Zeigarnik effect • Devaluation of relationships • The Golden Rule

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Listen to the end for an episode postscript message.

My mom recently and suddenly died. I was ghosted earlier that day. A personal message from me to you: you never know how your shitty behavior adds to someone else’s day. There are real people behind these apps. So please – be kind. Reach out, if you aren’t feeling it. Send a message if you can’t make it. You never know what is going on with someone else, and you don’t need to add on to that. Please, just don’t, don’t be part of the problem. 


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