48. Texts With Shitty Men
The Ghost PodcastAugust 13, 2023x
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48. Texts With Shitty Men

Jamie DeLine is a creator, author, podcaster and expert dater. Her TikTok account, textswithshittymen, has over 43k followers. We dive into shitty behavior, dating advice, the economics of dating today and how to answer common dating questions.

In this episode: How to navigate casual relationships • Documented bad behavior • Dating app quality • Dating on feeld • Can men and women be friends? • Should you call out ghosting? • Jamie’s top dating advice • Infatuation vs. love • How to answer the questions “What are you looking for?” and “Why are you still single” • The economics of dating and scarcity of men • The new wave of feminism • The evolution of emotional maturity • Dating for potential

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